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Choosing a carpet for our homes and workplaces, is one of the biggest decisions we will all make during our lives. The right choice is dependent on a number of factors which include wellbeing and comfort, budgets, what the space will be used for, what style statement do we want to make and how we care for the environment.
Carpet is still the most popular floor covering in Europe as it offers many benefits including unlimited design, helps to control noise, improves thermal comfort and contributes to a safe environment for improved wellbeing.

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The European Carpet and Rug Association (ECRA) is committed to helping our members develop a standard, coherent industry approach to making the transition to a circular economy. Here, we will seek to define a Strategic Plan marking a new phase in ECRA’s performance framework and addressing some of the key challenges facing the carpet and flooring sector in Europe. Importantly, our plan will reflect our sector’s support of European Union (EU) circular economy policies, and particularly its plastics strategy.

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The European Carpet Market

Data about the European carpet market, with detailed information on imports, exports and intra EU trade figures will be available soon, for 2018.

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ECRA was established in 2004 and represents more than 40 leading carpet producers from six European countries. Together, our members account for approximately 90% of European textile wall-to-wall carpet production and 73% of EU consumption.
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