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The European Carpet and Rug Association (ECRA), based in Brussels, Belgium, was established in 2005 and represents the European textile floorcovering industry. Today, its membership consists of over 50 leading carpet producers from six European countries who account for approximately 85% of the total European production.

ECRA is an international platform for the exchange of ideas and experience between it’s members. The Association’s work is primarily focused on research, the evaluation of statistical data, and the introduction of international standards. ECRA also represents the Industry at international trade fairs & forums and has an active press office.

Purpose and Objectives

ECRA represents and promotes the mutual interests of its members by providing information and advice, promoting their commercial and business interests, supporting research, development and international standards, and seeking to prevent unfair competition.

ECRA works closely with the EU Commission to promote carpet as a product and is the main point of contact for national and international organisations as well as Associations within the industry. Its active involvement and work on standards means there is parity across Europe and at the same time it provides some regulation on quality, performance and environmental concerns. It provides the industry with information regarding new EU Policies and regulation.


ECRA is governed by a Board of Directors who are responsible for the
administration and coordination of all activities, and for developing
policy and strategy. The Board is also responsible for developing and maintaining contact on a European level with those organisations outside ECRA who can influence, or who are related to, the textile floor covering industry.

Within ECRA, the Industry Committee is responsible for information dissemination on a technical level through working groups, each set up to address a particular area. As a membership organisation, the members collectively set the budgets and are responsible for the election of the Board.

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