The EU Carpet Market in Figures


Fields of Application

Fields of Application

The European carpet industry produces multiple products for diverse market segments, primarily for indoor environments, and in particular, wall-to-wall floor coverings for the construction sector, which are subject to EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

Beyond this, carpets can also be found in trains, aircraft, ships and road transport, as well as on sports fields such as tennis courts and football pitches.

EU Production and RoW (Rest of World) Imports

In 2018 254 Mio m² of carpets have been imported from Rest of World (RoW) countries and 169 Mio m² exported. The Intra EU trade accounts for roughly 631 Mio m².

This means that about 716 Mio m² remain in the EU-market.

Intra EU trade accounts for 60% of the volume and 56% of the value.
Including textile floor coverings, synthetic turf, automotive carpets and other technical applications, the value of the EU production in 2018 was 4,56 billion € (including an exported value to RoW countries of 1,12 billion €).

In the same year, EU countries imported carpets worth 1,54 billion €.

Volumes remaining in the EU Market

Based on the above figures, the quantities remaining in the EU market can be determined. These are split according to the typical production processes in the graphs below. Carpets produced with the tufting process represent the largest group.

Composition of average tufted textile floorcovering as used in the EU market.