PRESS RELEASE: ECRA teams up with CRUK on recycling and sustainabilty

von | 01.12.2022

ECRA is delighted to be joining up and working with Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK). CRUK is an international membership association promoting the diversion from landfill of textile flooring in the UK to resource for circularity and sustainable use. They do this by working with businesses in the supply chain, recycling companies, government and academia to foster collaborations and networks to achieve viable market-based solutions and encouraging design for recyclability.  Like ECRA, they encourage the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience between their members and network. Joining with CRUK will enable us to help our and their members to develop a coherent industry standard approach to transition into a circular economy.

About ECRA
The European Carpet and Rug Association (ECRA) was established in 2004 and represents more than 40 leading carpet producers from 6 European countries. Together, the members account for approximately 90% of European textile wall-to-wall carpet production and 73% of EU consumption. As an international membership association, the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience between members and stakeholders is encouraged. The aim is to continuously improve the industry’s environmental and health impacts in order to help conserve natural resources, prevent climate change and protect human health. To achieve this, ECRA conducts industry research and analysis, and develops international and EU standards at a product level.