Carpets in your daily life

Carpets in your daily life

Choosing the right carpet for our homes and workplaces, is an important decision. The right choice is dependent on a number of factors which include wellbeing and comfort, budgets, what the space will be used for, what style statement do we want to make and how we care for the environment.
Carpet is still the most popular floor covering in Europe as it offers many benefits including unlimited design, helps to control noise, improves thermal comfort and contributes to a safe environment for improved wellbeing.

Beauty is a language


… belongs to the basic needs of human beings. Throughout the world, in all different cultures and civilizations, feeling good and making a good impression on others have always been extremely important.

Well being

Indoor environmental quality

Much of our lives are now spent in buildings which have been designed to be better insulated and therefore reduce the exchange between stale and fresh air, so the air we breathe contains a greater concentration of pollutants than when we are outdoors, added to that, generally more people are spending more of their time indoors.
Design your comfort


From a comfort perspective, the perception of warmth is often more important than the temperature itself. Carpets create a warm cosy feeling both physiologically and psychologically to the extent that the actual temperature in a carpeted room can be 1-2 degrees centigrade lower yet it feels warmer to the occupants. The surface temperature of carpet is higher than that of hard flooring as the heat dissipation is lower and if your feet are warm, you feel warm. Cold ceilings, walls and floors tend to cause a high degree of warmth radiating from the occupants of a room, which becomes apparent by the feeling of an unpleasant draught and cold feet.

Design your comfort


Comfortable and cosy interiors in the home and the workplace are increasingly important to all of us, and have been proven to contribute to an increased feeling of well being. The definition of what is comfortable varies from person to person, and is influenced by a variety of factors such as clothing, loss of warmth through perspiration, colour of the interior, ambient air humidity, temperature, draughts and noise levels.

Carpets in your daily life

Safety for all

Safety at home is always paramount as we aim to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our families. As well protecting our loved ones from any potential health issues, we also want our homes to be safe from danger and any accident which might occur.